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How Does Covid Effect Choir & Attendance

Our ‘Best Practice’ Covid plan

  • Singers who feel unwell, even mildly, need to stay away from rehearsals

  • Singers who are mildly unwell but have a recent negative COVID test can attend rehearsals

  • Singers who stay away from rehearsal due to Covid health reasons are given credit on their fees for missed sessions

  • There needs to be extra spacing between singers

  • Natural ventilation of the rehearsal space

  • Wearing of masks at all times during rehearsal, unless singing

  • Wearing masks while singing is mandatory. Mask cages available.

  • Members highly encouraged to be fully vaccinated. Double Vaccination is the minimum with proof of that vaccination.

  • Vulnerable singers opting to withdraw from face-to-face rehearsals can accessed in  the Members section of the website (fees still apply as there are professional recordings now to practice with).

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